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Special needs person with carer

Help improve lives

Make a donation today to support people experiencing poverty in the UK

Thank you for choosing to donate to the National Benevolent Charity today. By donating, you are helping to provide the very poorest in the UK, help and support when they need it most and, because, we have private income to pay for our running costs, we guarantee every penny of your donation will be used to provide a grant to an individual or organisation which is supporting those experiencing poverty here in the UK.

To donate via BACS please email
to ask for our bank details or send a cheque made payable to
the National Benevolent Charity to:

Dawn Swirczek,
The National Benevolent Charity,
Peter Hervé House,
Eccles Court,
Gloucestershire GL8 8EH.

Or if you would like to discuss making a regular gift or a legacy please contact: